Call Cal-Portisan in Calgary for Hydrovacing

Hydrovac Truck
Hydrovacing is a safe, non-destructive and environmentally friendly method of excavation. A hydrovac unit is a truck that removes earth by using high pressure water (hydro), and a powerful vacuum (vac). All of our hydrovac trucks are equipped with boilers, so winter excavation is not a problem. All operators are fully trained and ticketed to accomplish all your daylighting needs.

Benefits of Hydrovacing
  • Safer way to excavate utilities, without the risk of damage
  • Allows excavation in tight areas where traditional equipment can’t access
  • Preserves landscaped property by minimizing ground disturbance

Cal-Portisan offers the following services for commercial, residential and municipal clients:
  • Slot trenching
  • Daylighting
  • Trenching
  • Low impact excavation
  • Utility locates
  • Test holes
  • Pole and piling holes