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Are you in need of dependable digging services in Calgary? Hydrovac is a safe, non-destructive and environmentally friendly method of excavation. A hydrovac unit is a truck that removes earth by using high-pressure water (hydro), and a powerful vacuum (vac). All of our hydrovac trucks are equipped with boilers, so winter excavation is not a problem. All operators are fully trained and ticketed to accomplish all your daylighting needs.

If you work with underground utilities, you need to minimize any risk of damage. Our hydrovac equipment permits efficient digging throughout Alberta without the restrictions imposed by conventional excavation methods. Tight urban worksites are no problem for our fleet and staff. We preserve the landscape by reducing ground disturbance in all situations.

Whether you require slot trenching, daylighting, trenching, test holes or piling, our staff is well versed in low impact excavation for commercial, residential and municipal projects. From our vacuum trucks to our line cleaning services, Cal-Portisan is the only team you need to call! Let us know what you require today!


Need Water?

We can help. Let us know how much you need.

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